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Kia ora! Ko Mt. Tahoma tōku maunga. Ko Duwamish River tōku awa.

Hello! We consider Mt. Tahoma our mountain, and the Duwamish River our river,

With these key landscape features defining our experiences in our home city of Seattle. Welcome to our Winter 2020 Study Abroad Studio in New Zealand. We are a group of fourteen students from Seattle’s University of Washington. In the Summer of 2020, we participated in a research and design process under the guidance of our studio instructors, Nancy Rottle and Paul Olson. Building upon work of a prior University of Washington studio that worked with the Ōtākaro Avon Corridor in 2019, we have now taken a more detailed approach to consider human experience, resilient infrastructure and ecological evolution of the river, in both short and long-term time scales.